Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude

It is the thanksgiving season and the time that we get together with loved ones and family to express our love and thanks for each other and for blessing we've received.  

As we thought of ways to focus on thanks and giving this month we thought it would be a wonderful idea to express our gratitude and thanks to


That's right!  I think back to when we first started this adventure and I feel so blessed and grateful for your amazing loyalty and kindness through the years.  I have personally felt like you guys have been my cheerleader and have provided so much encouragement for me.  You have made me a better person and push me to keep improving.  

So, we want to tell you how much we love you!  And we are doing that through a fun giveaway.   


We would love it if you took the time to read this talk by President Thomas S. Monson and leave a comment below this post to get you started in the giveaway. Tell us one way you're going to try to cultivate an 

To me, having gratitude and expressing thanks is equivalent to having joy.  When we feel joy we are grateful and when we are grateful, we feel joy.  They go together.  Pres. Monson tells us that gratitude is a divine principle and we are commanded to give thanks 
in all things and to

This is easier said than done though.  Sometimes, we just don't feel grateful because we are so caught up in what we are missing, what we aren't getting, doing, being, seeing, feeling, etc.  We scroll through countless images and enticing marketing that makes us all of the sudden realize all that we lack.  These are real feelings and normal, but we can't dwell in them, we need to quickly refocus our attention on our Savior, where we can see our divine nature, our individual worth and our own talents and gifts.  We can rely on our Heavenly Father to always give us those glimpses of our amazing potentials and of the blessings he has given us.  When we pray to Him, it becomes clear how blessed we are and our hearts become full of thanks.

This works in our relationships as well.  It is very easy to pick apart other people, especially our family members.  Sometimes we see another family that seems to have more fun, more money, more good looks, more house, more more more more.  This is not a good place to go.  Remember, comparison is the thief of joy and when we don't have joy, it is almost impossible to have gratitude and visa versa.  We need to rejoice in others especially their successes, their beauty, their talents, skills and gifts.  Remember, someone else's beauty, talents, successes doesn't diminish or cancel out our own.  
  So...how do we train our heart to be full of thanks?  Pres. Monson tells us that

and this...

and last one...

So basically, we feel more gratitude as we express more gratitude!  A lot like a testimony, the more we share and express it, the stronger it gets.  

Awesome stuff!
Okay are you ready for the giveaway?

Let's start with what the Instagram winner will win.

We thought that since it was the season for gathering, and whenever there is a gathering, there is usually food involved, we thought we would give away a ....

KitchenAid!  WAHOO!

but not only a KitchenAid (the winner picks the color), but also

some extra goodies from the new Hearth and Home Magnolia line. Yes!  But that's not all.  You will also get...

some amazing planner goodies to go with it, including your choice of a planner, notebook and all of our Mormon Mom Planner accessories.  Yes! Yes! and Yes!  

$700 value

So here is a shot of what our Instagram winner will get total

Awesome huh!  

Okay, so now I will show you what we are giving away on our Facebook page. 

We are giving away a....

Instant Pot!  These things are amazing.
We are also including these...

from the Hearth and Home Magnolia line including an apron.  So cute.
We will also be including all of these amazing goodies...

Holy smokes.  Along with a planner of your choice and a notebook and all of our Mormon Mom Planner accessories too.

$500 Value

So, there you have it.  We are so excited and this is going to be such a fun giveaway.

This will go on for 8 days and each day you will get new instructions. The winners will be announced the day before Thanksgiving.  But for today, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling us one way you're going to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Easy Peasy!

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Have fun and tell your friends.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

Record & Preserve

I was reading this article and came across the following little tidbit that really struck me.  It says:

After 400 years of intensive research into the life and works of William Shakespeare, we know almost nothing about the personal life of the most famous writer in the history of the English language. Only about a hundred documents related to William Shakespeare and his immediate family have been found: baptismal records, property deeds, marriage bonds, tax certificates, and court records—nothing about him personally.
Shakespeare’s works are all we know about him. We can study, along with the scholars, his plays, poems, songs, and sonnets and discover something of what life was like for him. “The songs in the plays themselves illustrate many sides of Shakespeare’s genius—his incomparable lyric gift, his ready humor, and his marvelous sensitivity to the sights and sounds of English life, especially the life of the country” (Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol. 1, 3rd edition [1962], 820).
However, because he did not keep a journal, we don’t know, and probably never will, if he was happy or sad, if he liked sunsets and long walks by the Thames, whether he liked music, what his favorite foods were, if he enjoyed company or preferred to be alone. Some of his plays are set in other countries, and we don’t even know if he ever left England.
Isn't that kind of sad?  It got me thinking about my own ancestors and wishing more of them had kept records of their thoughts and goings on.  There are many grandmothers in particular that I would've liked to have "met" through their writings.
Luckily, I had a couple grandfathers that did keep records and boy do I cherish those.  Ironically, they kept their records in little agenda books and planners (maybe that's where I get it from) and they are small and simple but they provide amazing insights into what they were up to and what they were experiencing. 
Here is a shot of of 4 generations, including mine of record keeping in planner books. 

 There's a lot more where these came from.  These are small planner books and a ledger book of my great grandpa Alfred that go as far back as 1891, my grandpa Wendall's history in the early 1900's and my own dad, John that he kept through the years. I even discovered my dad made his own very cool planner book when he was bishop that make me think this planning business definitely runs in the family.  Haha.  I love seeing their handwriting and I love touching these books and holding them knowing they carried them around as a part of their lives.  

 Check out three generations of memory keeping right there of a man, his son, & his grandson.  Little did great grandpa Alfred know his little journal would be featured on something called a blog, which will now preserve his journal on another level.

I want my posterity to know me.  I want them to know my goals, ideas, ramblings, challenges, sense of humor, etc.  I want them to feel connected with me just as I want to feel connected with my ancestors.  
I was chatting with my mom the other day when I went to pick these agendas up and she was telling me how much she regrets not keeping any kind of record of her own in regards to her thoughts and experiences.  I agreed with her how sad that is BUT, it is never too late.  My mom has decided she is going to write her history right now and give us that wonderful treasure and keepsake. 
Never think that nobody will be interested in your thoughts and ideas.   My grandma Ruby who lived her life in the service of others didn't keep any journals, but she has this cute little book of scraps, recipes, articles or jokes she liked that she glued into this little book and I adore it.  What a treasure.

Did you read that last joke?  So funny.

and she gave us one little glimpse of her handwriting on this little page.  Isn't that a great thought she wrote down?!

So...are you inspired to keep a record, ANY kind of record of your life? I hope so.  I even want to start keeping a political journal and record the daily news and such just because there is so much going on, it's hard to even keep up, but wouldn't that be a fun record?  
There are so many different creative ways to keep a record and preserve it nowadays.  Video, blogging, audio recordings, youtube, social media, memory keeping, etc. Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly recordings, the important thing is to just do it and try to be consistent.

click here for more motivations ands tips

Monday, October 23, 2017

Date that hunk you married!

Date Your Spouse and Stay In Love! Mormon Mom Planner Blog

By Jen Sorensen

Okay, ladies. Who likes going on dates? I don’t mean the terrifying, stress-inducing dates of our teenage years (please say that wasn’t just me!). I mean going out with that hunka hunka burnin’ love you married. I’m talking about pullin’ out the gooood sweats, y’all. Maybe even the skinny jeans! (Not the ones you have to lay on the bed to zip. I mean, please. I said date, not PTA meeting.)

For my hunka hunka (whom we will call Josh, because that is his name) and me, looking forward to our Friday night date gets us through the week. Monday: baaaack to the crazy schedule OR only 5 more days until we get each other all to ourselves again! Wednesday: taxi kiddos everywhere in between laundry and dinner and homework again OR 3 more days until we give a conceal-our-joy-so-we-don’t-hurt-their-cute-little-feelings-too-much wave to the kiddos and speed walk to the door? We look forward to them a lot, in case I was being subtle. That’s one of my strengths.

Now, our dates are not glamorous. They would be, but I just don’t have the right shoes. ha! yeah, right. I have a million shoes. Our dates aren’t glamorous because

   a) we’re too tired for glamour (dude, we just survived fiiiive weekdays)
   b) it’s expensive (who wants to budget that in??), but, most importantly, because
   c) dates aren’t about what you do - they’re about what you say.

There are so many things that spouses need to actually hear from each other and way too many times that they don’t ever get said. I need to hear that I look beautiful. I actually kinda hate that I need to hear it, but I do. And guess what? I mostly need to hear it when I’m in my good sweats, so date night is perfect! I need to hear that he thinks I’m doing an amazing job at keeping all the plates spinning. I’m not going to believe him, but I need to hear it. I need to hear that I’m the world’s best mom and that our kids adore me. And even though all the mom fails from the week will come zooming through my head like a comic strip on steroids, those will be the words that help me have a little more patience the next week.

He needs to hear that I am amazed at how well he juggles work and family. How I fall in love again every time he helps our kids with math. If I did it, I’d have to whisper-google every single problem because I can barely double a recipe. He needs to hear that I saw our daughter’s eyes light up because he told her she looked beautiful. He needs to hear that I feel safe with him and that I can’t wait to fall asleep by him every night and that holding his hand actually makes me breathe slower and feel calmer.

Sometimes we talk for so long that we just drive and drive and drive-thru and drive some more. And other times, we talk a little bit on the way to a movie and I fall asleep on his shoulder while we drive home. It doesn’t always matter how much we say. Just that we say the right things.

Most of the time, our talks are simple and sweet, but there are times when the talks are hard and important and we hold hands anyway because hard talks don’t have to mean hard feelings. They might require hard steps, but we can do it. Life just happens one short, crazy day at a time. People don’t suddenly fall out of love. It’s a slow, sneaky thing and dating each other forever might just keep it from happening. In fact, it could keep it from ever starting.

You fell in love while you were dating.
Don’t you think if you keep dating, you could stay in love?

Just make it happen. If you have littles, pop open a bag of chips and play a card game before you fall asleep. Need groceries? Skip the restaurant portion of the date and proceed to the nearest grocery store. Actually, go to the farthest grocery store so you can chat while you drive. Ask each other questions. Believe it or not, your spouse can still surprise you no matter how long you’ve been married. For example, after about 12 years of marriage Josh asked me to tell him something he didn’t know about me. I thought really hard and finally said, “My favorite sound is dropping a lit match into a cup of water.” It took a while for the laughter to die down. Good talk.

Marriage is absolutely the closest thing we have to understanding the selfless love that helps us become more like our heavenly parents. I know my husband is always, I mean always, more concerned about my needs that he is about his own. He knows that I am always thinking of how I can meet his. When someone else is always putting you first, then you don’t have to put yourself first; suddenly you have a selfless relationship. I know this doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen easily, but it can happen one little day and one little date at a time.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Happy Family of Planners Who Plan for Family Happiness (Say That Five Times Fast)

Mormon Mom Planner: Planning As A Family

by Danielle' Dimond

Have you ever tried to rescue a young boy from his older sister’s verbal rage when she is late to school because he can’t find his jacket? I’ve been there. The scars are still fresh and even months later, that young boy’s eye still twitches nervously whenever I jingle the car keys.  

This school year our family has had a little routine adjusting to do, as our daughter started seminary and we need to leave for school 10 minutes earlier than usual every other day. Mornings are hard as it is around here since I’ve passed on my genetic a.m. disposition to my spawn. It’s a disposition of general disdain for all mankind until 8:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time. Sorry about that kids! Better make a note of that on my family history page for future generations to beware.
If we don’t remind everyone the night before that we’ll be leaving early, we are all certain to be late, dangerous and well, less than spiritually awesome.

We’ve since begun a preventive measures program we like to call, The Family Who Plans Together Doesn’t Try to Kill Each Other for Tardiness…mostly.

cute family gathered around the table planning out their week Mormon Mom Planner

This proactive peace effort takes place on Sunday evenings during Family Counsel. Everyone who has one brings their calendar/planner/coloring page to the table and we plug in all the soccer practices/games, basketball practices/games, Young Women’s activities, Scout activities, and meetings for callings, social plans and school events. If we are over scheduled on any given day we talk it out together and decide how we’ll make it work, or what we’ll need to cut to make things run smoothly and keep everyone chill. I write everything in my calendar, which generally remains open in the kitchen so everyone can be in that smug state known simply as “the know”.

Guess what I’ve discovered? This simple practice of planning as a family has approximately 147 benefits! However, for the sake of time (so you don’t make yourself late for something due to reading this enchanting piece of literature) I’m only going to share 5 reasons why planning as a family will help you and yours!

  1. The Most Beautiful View is an Overview

A first step to working on any team is for all team members to understand the overlying plan. You have to know what each player is going to be doing in order to anticipate what you yourself will need to do. If Jr. knows that big sister needs to get to school early in the morning, he knows he can’t lay around in bed for five more minutes, or luxuriate over which already dirty school uniform to wear. He knows that the team goal is to get out the door in time, so his role is to get his cute patootie moving so that the team wins all the things!

  1. Involved and Invested in Every Activity…even if it’s not theirs

When you include everyone in the family on the planning and figuring of events and activities, you’re involving everyone in every event. Planning together how you’re going to get one kid to a piano lesson right after school is going to help the other kids respect the plan and feel like the plan is theirs too, not just piano going Jimmy. Hustling those metaphorical bustles home after the bus drops them off will be their part of executing plan ‘Jimmy gets his music on’. They can then feel the same satisfaction you do when Jimmy gets to his lesson on time because they helped make the plan to do it!

  1. Prioritizing Prioritization

Inevitably, your family schedule is going to have some hiccups, especially if you have a lot of kids and/or a lot of activities going on. Hiccups are ok; in fact, they can be great tools for teaching! When everyone sees the problem laid (i.e. a soccer practice and a soccer game scheduled at the same time), you get to teach about prioritization. Soccer practice kid learns that a game is more important and he’ll have to miss this practice so his sister and family can make it to her game.   

  1. Problem Solving + Time Management = Super Powers!!!

This act of teaching prioritization also helps kids learn about problem solving and time management. Problem solving comes in if there’s a school play going on at the same time as the violin recital and Mom and Dad are going to be out of town. Everyone need not freak out and burst into “it’s not fair” tears. We all just put our heads together and figure out how everyone can get a ride from a friend or neighbor to their events.
You can teach time management skills when there’s a busy afternoon planned on Thursday and a big report due for Henrietta on Friday. You can all plan out together when she can work on her report earlier in the week so it’s all done before that busy Thursday afternoon.

  1. Everyone Has a Voice

One of the biggest perks to planning as a family is that everyone gets to feel like they have a say in what is going on and that their voice is heard in the planning stages. As a result, it’s easier for them to accept and respect everyone else’s voice too. This isn’t to say that you won’t have to play the parent card sometimes and make the hard decision yourself when no one can agree, but it may lessen the blow a bit if everyone can see the big picture in front of them.

cute October planner filled out with Halloween stickers, witch and bat drawings Mormon Mom Planner

Planning together will unite and bless your family!

Think about it, our wise Heavenly Father was a planner. Before we even decided we’d participate in this hectic thing called life on earth, He laid out a plan of salvation for us during the very first family counsel ever! He asked for solutions and whether or not we wanted to participate. Our voices were heard (for better or worse) and those of us who chose to come knew the plan beforehand and we loved it. We felt that we were a part of it, for all eternity. God shows us how to do all things, even things as simple as how to plan a week/month or even a year together with our families. Our hope can only be that by following this example we can truly have our own Family Plan of Happiness.

Family gathered around the table planning out their week Mormon Mom Planner

Monday, October 9, 2017

Who loved General Conference?! All of us. Who can remember much of what we heard? Probably not many of us. That’s okay! Our Heavenly Father knows we learn “line upon line, precept upon precept.” Basically, our little human brains - as amazing as they are - need lots of chances to learn.

In a talk from the April 2011 General Conference, Elder Bednar said, “Most frequently, revelation comes in small increments over time and is granted according to our desire, worthiness, and preparation.” What’s the takeaway? Let’s study General Conference in small increments over time.
In an October 2011 General Conference talk, Elder Scott said, “Great power can come from memorizing scriptures. To memorize a scripture is to forge a new friendship. It is like discovering a new individual who can help in time of need, give inspiration and comfort, and be a source of motivation for needed change.” These memorized passages, including quotes from General Conference, can become like friends that help us in times of need. When our kids have questions, we have counsel memorized and at the ready. Elder Scott says, “Learning, pondering, searching, and memorizing scriptures is like filling a filing cabinet with friends, values, and truths that can be called upon anytime, anywhere in the world.”

Choose something from your General Conference notes or studies (or use a quote from below) and start memorizing! Let’s fill our filing cabinets together!

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.

LDS General Conference quotes that bring inspiration to your life.